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The electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. It receives power from the utility company and distributes it throughout the property to power all the devices we rely on for comfort, 方便和效率.  To ensure you continue to enjoy safe and reliable electricity at your home or business, our 电工 have put together a list of factors that may indicate it’s time to replace your panel.

You may consider replacing your electrical panel replacement if:

当涉及到电器面板的更换, the first and most obvious thing to look for is what is known as a “rag riser.“这在几年前是很常见的做法. The electrical wires that are feeding the electrical meter are covered with cloth insulation. These services are dangerous because direct contact with wire can be made, 哪些会导致电击. 除了, the cloth does not sufficiently protect the wires, so they are more prone to damage from weather and animals. For these reasons, code now requires that these wires be installed in a conduit.

… the meter has a riser that is too low or does not go through the roof.
You should also consider electrical panel replacement if the riser that is coming out of the top of the meter does not go through the roof line or is not above 12’6” in height. Like the rag riser, this is an old practice that is no longer deemed safe. When service wires are not going through the roof and/or are under the required 12’6”, they are more likely to be hit and damaged under normal circumstances. 穿过屋顶会更稳定.

Federal Pacific 面板 are known for overheating bus bars (the main metal bar on the back of panel that distributes the electricity to the breakers), 什么是火灾隐患. They can be identified by the “FPE” on their front covers and may be located on the inside or outside of the property.

If you have a panel with breakers that are all different colors, an upgrade is highly recommended. 新的断路器是延时断路器, which means they will allow an overcurrent for a short period of time before tripping. Older breakers will allow the overcurrent to last for a longer period of time, 这会导致电线过热(火灾隐患).

Today’s electronics are sensitive to power spikes. Outdated breakers are not as quick to respond to such spikes, and thus they are more likely to cause damage to your electronics. Replacement parts for these obsolete breakers are also hard to come by, which is another reason to replace the electrical panel.

If you have done any upgrades to your home or business, then there may be a need for an upgrade to your electrical service. Properties today require more power than they did in the past. As you upgrade to modern devices, you may need additional power to support them. Common upgrades include switching appliances from gas to electric, 更换空调系统 or adding swimming pools or other outdoor features.

If any of these situations are present for you, then you should consider having a 授权的电工 更换现有的电气面板. 在有效, we are experienced with these upgrades and with what is required to make them as convenient as possible for the property owner. From permitting to inspection to having the electricity disconnected and reconnected, 我们处理一切.



An electrical panel can last a lifetime depending on how it is used. If it is under constant strain from being undersized, it will fail sooner. Most panel replacements are either performed because there has been an upgrade to the electrical system (meaning the property now requires more power to operate) or there has been damage to the existing service.

How long does it take to replace an electrical panel? 我要停电多久? 

Most service rebuilds and upgrades can be one in one day and have power restored the same day.

How much does it cost to replace an electrical panel? 

The biggest factor that impacts the cost to replace an electrical panel is whether it’s an overhead or underground. With overhead service, service entry wires are being brought in from overhead. This is known as a service drop and requires roof penetrations and, 在大多数情况下, 在金属导管中运行电线. Underground service is run from the transformer (underground), 仪表位于PVC管的顶部. In remodeling, underground requires much less material than overhead service – making it less costly. In new construction, though, and overhead is actually less costly.

有效的提供 交易 和方便 融资 帮助降低更换成本的选项.

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